Prem Geet 3 movie: Cast And Crew, Download Link, Release Date, Story, Budget

Tuesday, 13 September 2022


This is an epic story of the mighty Khazak kingdom from the Himalayan Beyul set in an ancient regular setting. The story revolves around two main characters PREM and GEET where prem is supposed to be the heir to the throne as he was born in the most auspicious time according to astrology. However, he had to overcome one obstacle and that is Prem (love) itself.


Directed by      : Chhetan Gurung       

                          Santosh Sen

Written by        : Mandip Gautam

                          Chhetan Gurung            

Produced by    : Prashant Kumar

                          Gupta | Subhash

                          Yogesh Lakhani

Composers      : Alish karki | Aslam      


Genre              : Action

Edited by         : Bhupendra Adhikari

                         Sanjay Sankla

                         Banish shah

Music by         : Alish karki

                         Aslam keyi

                         Kalyan singh

Language       : Hindi

Country.          : India

Filming locations : Himalayas, nepal

Release Date : September 23, 2022

 Poster design. : Rakesh Dahal

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  • Jiwan Baral

  • Laxmi Bardewa

  • Sujal Basnet

  • Jiban Bhattarai

  • Krijan Gautam

  • Kristina Gurung

  • Mautse Gurung